Candle Videos:

Candle Magick, a How To basic beginners guide video. Candle magick is the simplest of the magickal arts to get started with. There is no need for years of training, you can start right away and experience results in a short period of time. In this candle magick video, I will teach you about the best candles to use, about the importance of candle colors and their meanings, how to cleanse your candle, how to engrave the candle, how to anoint the candle with magickal oil, and also how to use the moon cycle and the planets to calculate the best time when to do your candle magick spell.

Incense Videos:

How to light and burn incense resins and loose herbs on self lighting charcoal disc or briquettes. The charcoal is self-igniting or self-starting because they contain saltpeter, also known as potassium nitrate, to help them light and stay lit. This is why you'll see tiny sparks as soon as you touch one with a match or lighter. These disks, or tablets, are the charcoals of choice for the majority of incense users and hookah clubs and bars. These burn very hot so use with caution only in a heat proof incense burner layered with sand, white ash, or salt. I also recommend using a layer of salt or white ash on top of the charcoal disc to help further disperse heat. Be responsible, keep away from children and pets.

Crystal Videos:

Citrine crystals, polished points, standing towers. My crystal video showing the different qualities of Citrine gemstones and how they can help you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Citrine stones can be used for energy, cleansing, money, abundance, self-esteem, being more outgoing, assertive, helps with creativity, manifestation, invigorates the body, activates the immune system and metabolism, degenerative diseases, balances hormones, enriches the spleen and pancreas, combats infections or pain in the urogenital tract, alleviates menstrual cramps and chronic fatigue, and much more.

Citrine crystals and gemstones, raw, rough, natural. These Citrine stones are raw, which means they haven't been cut or polished by a machine. They are in their natural state as how you would find them in the Earth.