Crystals Skulls

Crystals Skulls

Crystal skulls have rapidly become something of a legend in the crystal world and many myths and practices have grown up around them. Some beautiful, and some downright ugly, stone and crystal skulls are being carved. Modern versions are cut and shaped in different types of stones and sold around the world, like the ones you see listed below. However, when people mention crystal skulls, they are usually referring to the much older quartz crystal skulls that are reputed to have been carved by the ancients as receptacles for their esoteric knowledge. These skulls are said to be inhabited by higher beings and extra-terrestrials that are vehicles for profound teaching. It is claimed that some ancient crystal skulls are between 5000 and 30,000 years old and are remnants of the loss continents of Atlantis with exceedingly magical powers. Even in modern movies you can find such amazing skull stones in the latest adventure of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. However, even modern day crystal skulls are used by many spiritual and magical practitioners for a variety of purposes, and not just for altar decoration. They may be utilized like crystal balls for divination, or to represent the ancestors in honorary rituals, also for sympathetic magic and as amplifiers of magical energy. They are useful magickal tools.

As a result, ancient crystal skulls have taken on an aura of magic and mystery like no other crystal artifact. They excite the imagination and are an amazing tool for personal and planetary evolution if used with the right intention and metaphysical awareness. But, as with all things esoteric, careful discrimination and personal responsibility are required when interacting with these crystal skulls. It cannot be assumed that the beings inhabiting them are necessarily working for the highest good, nor should it be taken for granted that all is as it seems. There may be trickery and deception as well as the highest guidance. Truth often lies in the mind of the beholder rather than in the facts. This is what mythology and the power of belief is all about. There is however, no denying the seductive qualities of crystal skulls and the impact they have on our spiritual evolution. Keep yours wrapped in silk and when alone or with friends set it on a table. Allow its protective and restorative energies to flow through you and clear your head of trivialities so you can put life up a notch. Good to explain to children who have lost a relative about immortality and the enduring spirit.

Crystal Skulls are a personal power tool. A skull is believed to help focus light and power for whole-body healing, assist with easing migraines, headaches, brain disorders, auto-immune problems, neck and skeletal pain. Crystal skulls, even new ones, are said to be powerful healers. Crystal skulls were utilized in medieval times, a momento mori, a death's head, a tiny semi-precious jeweled skull was carried as a reminder that earthly life is finite so the bearer should make the most of every chance. Keep a small skull in your desk or in your workplace to touch when times are hard, as a reminder that with logic and determination you can overcome anything. A crystal skull therefore is not gloomy, but the power icon to seize life with enthusiasm. The Celts considered the head to contain the soul and intelligence, so they decapitated dead heroes and buried the heads in places of tribal power. Ancient crystal skulls have been considered to hold the keys to ancient wisdom and the future of humankind for hundreds of years, maybe much longer. There are a number of apparently ancient crystal skulls in existence that have caused much dispute as to their authenticity as ancient relics. The most famous was in the possession of the Mitchell-Hedges family until recently, referred to as the Skull of Doom and believed to be old Mayan. Modern crystal skulls, if held, can also give answers, not just for everyday issues but questions about existence and mortality. Wait and the answers will come into your mind.

Crystal Skulls:


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Crystal Skulls