Charcoal Discs, Box of 100

Charcoal Discs, Box of 100

Charcoal Discs, Box of 100, for burning incense, available below in two sizes, small size is 33mm, large is 40mm. Buy just a roll of 10 instead of being forced to buy a whole box. Self igniting charcoal - just hold a flame briefly to an edge to allow it to ignite. This is the accessory for burning incense resins or herbs safely indoors. These work great, are potent and clean burning, and they actually stay lit too unlike other brands. Once lit and placed safely in a heat and fire proof incense burner, these little discs will glow red hot; once the charcoal turns gray, sprinkle a pinch of your herbs, resin, or loose powdered incense of your choice and immediately fill your home or ritual space with the sacred smoke! Not to be confused with barbecue charcoal, which is toxic if burned indoors. Can be kept in storage for years sealed in an airtight jar once opened. Hand made in India.

These are the charcoals of choice for the majority of incense users and Hookah Clubs and Bars in America because of their convenience, performance, and value. Three Kings Charcoal is the original and best quick lighting incense charcoal available. After a Three Kings Charcoal disc is fully lit, it burns hot and clean and does not alter the taste of the tobacco as does most other quick light coals.

Note: Charcoal burns VERY HOT so use with caution only in a heat proof incense burner layered with sand, white ash, salt, or dirt. It will get very hot while burning, so do not leave unattended. Also, we recommend using a layer of salt or white ash on top of the charcoal disc to help further disperse heat. You are welcomed to watch our instruction video. Be responsible, keep away from children and pets.

Charcoal Discs, Box of 100 - Small 33mm


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Charcoal Discs, Box of 100 - Large 40mm


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Charcoal Disc for Incense