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Channeling Spirits or interdimensional communication, also called subtle communications or mind-to-mind communications, is an intuitive or psychic ability for learning spiritual knowledge and for communications with Otherworld entities, generally Spirit guides or extraterrestrials. On my platform, I teach that all such beings are actually interdimensional extraterrestrials, including beings described as angels or demons. A lot of "New Age" misinformation or disinformation shall be exposed. These Visitors from Unseen Worlds exist within higher dimensions of reality, which from our perspective are much farther in the future and possess much greater intelligence and technology. Channeling can also be used for learning and downloading spiritual data, technology, and knowledge from these Inter-time Worlds and their advanced intelligences.

Channeling is the means by which you can make a direct telepathic extrasensory connection with a Spirit guide, either good or evil, it depends on your intention, of course you have free will. Some people hear clear words from their spirit guides, others see pictures or visions which they describe, and still others just get a sense or feeling of what the Spirit is trying to convey. The channeler may then transmit what's received verbally, in writing, by painting or other artwork, by actions, through community work, and many other ways. I myself experience all 5 senses and other extra sensory perceptions during a channeling transmission, which have sometimes included automatic writing or dancing, with 3rd Eye visions being my main modality. I prefer to distinguish channeling from the work of mediums, who generally focus on dead relatives, also called conscious mediumship, trance-mediumship or unconscious channeling.

It would seem as though it's a matter of closing one's eyes and speaking in a strange voice, trying to be someone other than who you are, perhaps the mouthpiece of a Spirit, which either could be related to clinical and cognitive psychology or even para-psychology, but this is not the case with actual real Spirit (ET) channeling / communication. In the most general sense, a channel is a means of transmission. A channeler receives and passes along interdimensional data. For example, when an idea comes to you and you share it with someone, that makes you a channel of the idea. Channeling has the specific implication of transmitting something multidimensional from beyond the channeler's personal self and reality. A channeler brings forth information that's not part of his/her own learning or experience. There are psychic components, or creative, spiritual, and inspirational aspects to channeling that transcend the channeler's ordinary abilities or knowledge. Sometimes a channeler serves as an oracle of wisdom. So, you can already see the benefits of learning to channel that which is beyond our known world.

I have listed only a few of my YouTube Live channeling videos on this page. So, if you want to view any others, please check out my actual YouTube channel at:  YouTube Spiritual Magickal

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