Benzoin Incense Resin, Sumatra

Benzoin Incense Resin, Sumatra

Benzoin Incense Resin, Sumatra. Also called gum benzoin or gum benjamin, is a balsamic resin obtained from the bark of several species of trees in the genus Styrax. It is used in perfumes, some kinds of incense, as a flavoring, and medicine.

Benzoin resin is also called styrax balsam or styrax resin, but wrongly, since those resins are obtained from a different plant family, Hamamelidaceae. Benzoin resin is a common ingredient in incense-making and perfumery because of its sweet vanilla-like aroma and fixative properties. Gum benzoin is a major component of the type of church incense used in Russia and some other Orthodox Christian societies, as well as Western Catholic Churches. Most benzoin is used in Arab States of the Persian Gulf and India, where it is burned on charcoal as an incense.

Benzoin Incense Resin, Sumatra, 1 ounce


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Benzoin Incense Resin